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Please take a look at our Gallery of testimonials to see our past puppies.

"We are madly in love with Dolly!!!! Thank you so much. We take her everywhere with us and she sleeps on my pillow with me." -The Buckner Family

"Sully is doing so great! We love him so much!!!" -Patrick & Family

"Thank you our new puppies. Our hearts are filled with so much love for for themand we promise they both will have incredible lives with us" -Louise

"You can only imagine how loved this puppy is. Thanks from all of us" 


"Best puppies! Loving, smart, adorable and filled with love and joy! Highly recommend! I got Zoey in October and she is an incredible companion and loved by everyone!" -The Franks Family.
"This girl is loved SO MUCH already. We are all so in love and she really is an amazing puppy. She's the cutest sweetest baby ever! Thank you!!!!"  -Melissa
"I have to say you have done an amazing job with Angel. She is such an open and friendly puppy and is a complete love bug at the same time. Thank you again for this." -Laurie

"Just wanted to send you some pictures of our girls with Santa!  They are growing & doing so well!  They are so precious.  We named the black one Sadie and the gray/black one Sissy.

Both are smart as a whip and pick up new things, like sit, very quickly. They love to go out on the back porch and know to ring to bells when they want to go out to the porch. 

All in all, they are very well behaved! "-Sherry

"Ruby... She has such an awesome personality and we just can't get enough of her! Just wanted to give you an update that she is doing great and is loved greatly!!" -Cole

"I wanted to send you some videos of Yoshi and some of the commands we are working on. He's so smart. The top of his puppy class! He really is a special boy and I feel so lucky to have him" -Brandi

"He could almost be the "Easter Benny" he is so good with the kids. He lets the youngest carry him around like that. Never growls or nips. Thanks for him." -Anne

"This is her after her haircut. She is great. She sleeps with me every night. Thank you!!!" -Wanda

"Maddie is doing amazing! She is eating great and going potty like a champ!!! Everyone that comes over is so in love with her". -Apryl

"No matter where these boots are, She finds them and snuggles up to them." -Ashlye

"We are so in love!! Kids have named her Pumpkin! She is doing great and getting lots of love and attention for sure. Our kids are over the moon happy (and my husband and I are too)!! She is a joy. Thanks again! " -Bridget

"Madison is doing amazing. She is the sweetest most delicious girl and we are so excited to have her as part of our family. She gave me tons of kisses. We are in love!!!"

"We changed his name to Baxter and he loves everyone!" -Marie

"We are enjoying Nemo so much! He learned to fetch today. He's so smart! He adores her! If she leaves the room, he sits with his little head cocked watching for her to return. He's so precious!" -Janae

"Just wanted to let you know that Lizzy is doing great! She and Burly are already best buddies! I can't express in words how much we love her!! She is beyond precious!" -Janna

"He's so smart! Top of his puppy class!"    -Brandi

"She's adorable! We're having a play date tonight". -Cadian

"She is very playful. She goes everywhere we go. Yesterday we went for a long bike ride and she rode in the bike trailer with my daughter. She loved it and even fell asleep in there. She is very happy and the kids keep her very busy. - The Thomas Family

"Moxie (formerly known as Hope) is doing well. Thank you being such a great dog mom and bringing her to our family!" -Heather

"We are in  love.  Thank you so much for helping us through this process!" -Vania

"He’s the happiest most playful and snuggly puppy ever!! I just love him. He comes to work with me every day and he’s spoiled rotten!! Even my ex has fallen in love with him.."     -Wendy

"My kids couldn't believe it. He is really cute! Thank you!!! -Arturo

"You’re very organized! Praise God! He is so good and faithful to put us where we need to be at the right time! Lucky is so sweet. He took to the girls in NO time! He loves them already and vice versa" -The Inman Family