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The puppies that we place are raised with the specific goal of being emotional support animals .  We do offer different specialized training packages that are consistent with the needs of the potential new owner(s) and the abilities of the puppy.  If you are interested in having a puppy trained for your specific needs, we are able to train the puppy before the puppy comes to you. If you would like the experience of training your puppy on your own, we are here to answer any questions and to give you helpful tips and support. An emotional support animal (ESA) is a companion pet that provides therapeutic benefits to the owner. These therapeutic benefits include (but are not limited to): the alleviation or prevention of negative emotional symptoms such as depression, panic, paranoia or anxiety. Emotional support animals can be life changing to an individual with mental or psychiatric disabilities.  
 An emotional support animal does not need specific training to become an emotional support animal (the emotional bond between owner and animal is purely natural). Our puppies are raised to be  kid-friendly and are mother approved. We place specific puppies with their new homes based on personality, size, disposition and hypoallergenic qualities (as well as the potential family's needs ).  We encourage people to consider adoption from a local shelter if they are experienced with adopted or rescued dogs.